Co-op Makeover!

The Co-op underwent a big makeover last night, with staff and members working together to re-align our store. You will love these changes: when you step through the door, it is like entering Ontario’s garden.

Here’s what we did, and why:
1. We are responding to feedback from our members about the products they love – this store layout gives us the ability to keep more of those products in stock.
2. The bigger produce area gives us more room to stock local produce. And easier for customers to see.
3. We’ve put products together that make sense – check out our new coffee section with the coffees and the grinder together.
4. The store is more accessible when you come in – especially for our customers with walkers, wheelchairs or strollers.
5. We now have a grab and go cooler with better merchandising for local, healthy prepared meals, salads, and local cheeses.

Stop by to check it out and say hi!

June 17: Fair Trade Pop Up at the Co-op


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June 17, 11am – 3pm @ The Mustard Seed

Come join us in this fun, free event! A “fair trade pop up” is a group of Fair Trade certified brands coming together to share demos and talk about their products for one special day. In addition, we will bring together fair trade artisan handicrafts which will be sold outside the co-op. Fair trade businesses that we sell in our store like Camino Amigos, Cha’s Organics, Equifruit, Peter Piper Pepper, and Coffeecology will all be represented. We will also have a FairTrade Canada representative to talk about ‘why fair trade’?

One of our goals with the Fair Trade Pop Up concept is for the grocery side of Fair Trade to work together with the handicraft side of fair trade. The handicraft side of Fair Trade generally support women’s groups in developing countries, whereas the grocery side supports farmers coops in those same countries. Come join us and learn more abou the importance of fair trade, and where you can make a difference in your purchasing choices from gifts to coffee, chocolate, coconut, sugar, bananas, and more.

Click here to read more via our Facebook event page.


Spring Seedling Sale our Biggest Yet


May 13 & 14th, 2017 was our biggest Spring Seedling Sale yet. A big thank you to everyone that came out, especially to our farmers! This year’s growers included:

Backyard Harvest (Hamilton)
Clover Roads Organic Farm (Hagersville)
Fresh Start Farm (Waterford)
Hearts Content Organic Farm (Brantford)
Glancaster Green Farm (Hamilton)
Locke Street Native Plants (Hamilton)
Matchbox Garden & Seed Co. (Caledonia)
Mohawk College – City School Sprouts Program
Rhizome Farms (St. Catharines)
Samsara Fields Organics (Waterford)
Shared Harvest Community Farm Dunnville
Simpler Thyme Organic Farm (Freelton)
Talondale Farm (Hamilton)
Tree and Twig Heirloom Vegetable Farm (Wainfleet)
Urban Garden Solutions (Tim’s Permaculture) (Burlington)

Below is a video that captures the excitement of the day~