Mustard Seed Co-op featured in Canadian food blog ‘The Good Local’

We were recently featured in a great article in the food blog, The Good Local. Below is an excerpt, or you can go here to read the entire article + some other great producers and businesses changing the face of local food across Canada.

Story by Brianna Bell, Photography by Daniel Bell

It’s a bitter cold March day in Hamilton, Ontario as I watch shoppers rush through the doors of the local grocery co-op. I heave my heavily pregnant body out of my van, and quickly shuffle through the doors. I take a moment to savour the warm air inside of the small supermarket with a big vision, excited to learn more.


The Mustard Seed Co-operative is a little slice of heaven for local food lovers. Upon entering the front doors I’m greeted by the smell of fresh brewed local coffee. As a first time, out of town visitor to the grocery co-op, I feel instantly at home and eager to shop for unique and local food.

I notice many shoppers making a beeline to the coffee bar to grab a cup of java before perusing the fresh produce and aisles of specially sourced foods. The co-op serves coffee made by Vintage Coffee Roasters and Coffeecology, both local and ethical Hamilton roasteries, and Guelph’s mega popular Planet Bean.

DSC_0347 (2)

I’m more interested in the donuts displayed beside the coffee, which I soon learn are one of their top selling items in the store, made from scratch and in small batches by Hamilton’s Donut Monster. I eventually find George Qua-Enoo, the Marketing and Community Engagement Coordinator at The Mustard Seed Co-op. I’m eager to ask questions and learn more about this fascinating grocery store.

I’m curious to know the story behind the store, and how it grew as a dream into a tangible business.  George shares that five years ago a group of like-minded individuals gathered and began brainstorming ways to provide easy access to fresh and local ingredients and support local farmers. They wanted to create wholesome meals using ethical foods that used sustainable agriculture, and soon the idea (once as small as a mustard seed), was born.

An online fundraiser was started, and successfully raised enough funds to turn the idea into much more. It took two years to raise funds and find a location for the store, but three years ago The Mustard Seed Co-op opened its doors.

“It wasn’t a difficult concept to get people excited about. The community rallied together to get the store ready,” shared George…. to read more, go to the full article at the Good Local

Easter Brunch: Local Country-Style Ham or Free Range Turkey


Are you planning an Easter celebration with family, friends, or neighbours? We are offering pre-orders of locally-raised free range turkeys or country-style hams for your holiday feast.

About VG Meats Country-Style Hams: The Van Groningen family started serving Norfolk County families from their VG Meats store in 1970. On their farm, they are shifting production methods towards following Joel Salatin’s approach of sustainable farming. While not grown on their farm, VG hams come from pig farmers in southern Ontario. Here’s a recipe (and video) for how to prepare your Easter ham right from Grandma VG herself. Country Style bone-in hams are $2.99/lb. Boneless are $3.79/lb – your choice.

About the Ross Family Farm’s free-range turkeys (frozen): Located in Wellington County (north of Waterloo), Buck Ross and his family have been farming for four generations. They’re the only commercial producers in Ontario allowed to grow fully free-range turkeys. Their turkeys enjoy fresh air, direct sunlight, large outdoor yards, fresh water, and all-natural locally-grown feed. We recently visited the Buck Ross at his farm – read about it and check out our photos here. These turkeys are frozen, will range from 14-18 lb, and are at a special price of $50 each.

How to Pre-Order:

If you’d like to pre-order, please pay your $20 deposit online by following this link.

If you’d prefer to do this in-store, drop by any time between now and the deadline to place your order and pay your deposit.

Thank you for supporting our local producers!

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