The beginnings of a cooperative grocery store in Hamilton, Ontario

Hello there! We are an emerging group of Hamiltonians that have a strong inkling that our fair city would benefit from a downtown food co-op, and we are crazy enough to try doing something about it. The goal of this blog is to coalesce some of these initial thoughts and research and to share what is emerging with interested Hamiltonians (and future co-op members!). If the interest really is there like we feel it is within the greater community, this crazy idea just might take shape. More to come!

2 thoughts on “The beginnings of a cooperative grocery store in Hamilton, Ontario

  1. Who are you? Lots of folks in town have been interested in this for quite some time. Small group coming out of Environment Hamilton’s early Eat Local project met regularly over 5 years ago and tried to thrash out just how local ONFC’s catalogue of food stuffs are as a first step in thinking about a LOCAL food co-op. (Not much). Didn’t get beyond that step.

    Please hold a public meeting so we can all meet face to face and sign on to help.

    The former Shopper’s Drug Mart building on James N. would be an awesome building to have a co-op in…but prob. out of a new co-op’s range….

    • Hi Judy! We’re planning on holding a public meeting once the survey results are in. The steering committee is made up of three of us right now (Emma Cubitt, Graham Cubitt, and Lynda Dykstra) but we’re planning on expanding that soon, as there’s been lots of interest shown in this endeavor!

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