Our first community event!

On Saturday night, 50 Hamiltonians gathered in the Hill St. Community Garden for The Mustard Seed’s first official community event.  With gorgeous weather in our favour and July 7 being the International Day of Cooperatives, it was the perfect evening to get to know each other and to celebrate!

The Mustard Seed’s progress to date!

After some great conversation, we gave a brief presentation about the cooperative movement and The Mustard Seed’s vision and progress to date.  By that time, it was getting just dark enough to watch To Make a Farm, an inspiring yet realistic documentary following the lives of 5 young Canadians who embark on making their farming dreams a reality.  For the farmers in the crowd, the stories of joy and struggle rang very true!

A beautiful evening under the stars – thanks to all who came out to celebrate and give us feedback on The Mustard Seed’s future!

We asked people to map out where they live and where they work, and can use this feedback in future decisions about where the store will be. We plan to bring this map to future events.

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