Join the Co-op!

Click on the button below to share your passion and commitment to positive change in the life of our community. It is possible to change the way we buy our groceries. By becoming a member of The Mustard Seed you recognize that we can impact our local economy by supporting our producers, and as a result wholesome food will become more available and affordable for ourselves and our neighbours.

You can also read some of the frequently asked questions about Yes! Be the change you want to see and become a founder of the Co-op!membership in the Co-op. With your $100 household membership you become a part-owner in Hamilton’s future non-profit grocery store.

If you are able, consider Investing in the Co-op through an interest-bearing loan. The sooner we build up our membership base, the quicker we can finalize a store location. Our goal is to have at least 800 members before we open, so please tell your friends, family, and colleagues about The Mustard Seed!

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