Volunteer profile – Karen McLaughlin


We are sharing a series of profiles to introduce some of the volunteers who have put their time and energy into The Mustard Seed Cooperative Grocery. Enjoy this glimpse into our Co-op community!

Name: Karen McLaughlin

Action Team: Sourcing

What roles have you had in the development of The Mustard Seed? I have worked on the dairy section of our sourcing database and reviewed all the Local Food Plus certified farmers in Ontario for our database. I also helped do a pricing comparison between various stores in the city.

What drew you to The Mustard Seed, and why do you volunteer? I have always wanted to have a cooperative grocery store to shop at, so I was *very* excited when I found out about The Mustard Seed. Being able to be involved in a project like this and help influence the development of the store feels like a special privilege. It’s great to be able to work together with a bunch of other people who are passionate about local food and community to make this vision a reality.

Day job(s): Cookbook author, speaker and cooking instructor in addition to mother of two teenage boys.

What element of The Mustard Seed are you most excited about? Having a wide selection of affordable local foods under one roof!

What is your favourite local food? We are blessed with so many wonderful food producers in our region, it’s difficult to pick just one. I will mention VG Meats because they are a family business that offers fantastic quality pastured meats at extremely affordable prices. We buy almost all our meat from them these days.

Why should people join the Co-op today? Purchasing a membership will help support our local food system, local farmers, and the local economy. By supporting The Mustard Seed you are helping improve access to wholesome, local foods at affordable prices in Hamilton. It’s going to be a lot of fun to shop at the Co-op, too.

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