Volunteer profile – Clare Wagner

ClareBWWe are sharing a series of profiles to introduce some of the volunteers who have put their time and energy into The Mustard Seed Cooperative Grocery. Enjoy this glimpse into our Co-op community!

Name: Clare Wagner

Action Team: Human Resources

What roles have you had in the development of The Mustard Seed?  I worked with the Mustard Seed to host the Food and Urban Agriculture Round Table event in November of 2012 with support from City of Hamilton Public Health Services and Neighbour to Neighbour Centre. With the HR Team, I have helped to guide development of HR policy, advise on job postings, and apply for supporting funds.

What drew you to The Mustard Seed, and why do you volunteer? After attending the Guelph Organics Conference in early 2012 and learning about nearby food cooperatives, I started dreaming about a food cooperative in Hamilton. I take pride in being a conscientious consumer and find it can be a challenge in Hamilton, especially in the winter. I loved the idea of being able to guide the development of a community-focused grocery store with values similar to my own but I had no idea where to start. When Graham and Emma began talking about taking their similar dreams to the next level by creating the Mustard Seed, I was eager to help in any way I could. Although I can’t give a lot of time, volunteering is a great way to help grow the Mustard Seed and take some of the pressure off of the core group who are putting so much into making the store a reality.

Day job: Garden Program Coordinator at Green Venture

What element of The Mustard Seed are you most excited about? Having a one-stop source for local, ethical, healthy grocery products driven and sustained by my own community.

What is your favourite local food? Blueberries

Why should people join the Co-op today? The personal and financial investments made today will define what the store can offer from the start. The more people who commit today, the more the Board, volunteer action teams, and (soon) employees, will be able accomplish. With enough support now, instead of a small boutique store, we can truly be a full-service grocery store and community hub accessible to all Hamiltonians.

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