Volunteer profile – Jim Ruxton

jimFrida1We are sharing a series of profiles to introduce some of the volunteers who have put their time and energy into The Mustard Seed Cooperative Grocery. Enjoy this glimpse into our Co-op community!

Name: Jim Ruxton

Action Team: Membership Team

What roles have you had in the development of The Mustard Seed? I have been helping when possible to promote The Mustard Seed at various events. I am very enthusiastic about having a food Co-op in Hamilton so I do my best to spread the word as to why people should join.

What drew to The Mustard Seed, and why do you volunteer?  I have been a member of Karma Food Co-op in Toronto for over 20 years and know first hand about the many benefits to shopping at a Co-op. I know that it takes a lot of work by volunteers to have a successful Co-op so wanted to give a bit of my time to ensure that The Mustard Seed is successful.

Day Job:  I am an electronics engineer and artist. I enjoy using technology to create art whether it be theatre, dance, installation or film. I am also the inventor of ColorWave lights and Director of Programs for a festival called Subtle Technologies in Toronto that brings together artists and scientists.

What element of The Mustard Seed are you most excited about? I am looking forward to being able to buy fresh local food and to be assured that local farmers are being compensated for the hard work they put into growing food for us. I’m looking forward to meeting more like minded folk through the Co-op. I’m also looking forward to educating our new daughter Frida to the philosophies behind co-operatives and sustainable living via The Mustard Seed.

What is your favourite local food?  I love anything veggie. Root vegetables and fresh greens like kales are my faves. Ok, I like local beer too but I guess we won’t be selling that. (editor’s note: we’ll see what we can do Jim!)

It is important that everyone join now because the success of the Co-op is enhanced by the inertia of having  as many members as possible.

Why should people join the Co-op today?  I think people will really enjoy the community aspect of being a member. There is nothing like the feeling you get when you walk into a store and know you are part-owner. It is very empowering to help make the decisions in how a store is run and what it sells. To go into a store and say “do we carry this product?” as opposed to “do you carry this product?”. It is important that everyone join now because the success of the Co-op is enhanced by the inertia of having as many members as possible. Years down the road you will be proud to say you were a founding member before the Co-op even opened it’s doors.

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