Upcoming Mustard Seed Events

InterviewingWe are so thankful for all the hard work our volunteers have put into the development of the Co-op over the past few months. This grassroots energy has made us over 540 members strong, even without a store location. So much has been happening behind the scenes. This week our HR team interviewed candidates for the General Manager role. Our finance team is preparing to pitch to a group of investors in early June at The SVX (formerly the social venture exchange at MaRS Centre for Impact Investing) to help capitalize our Co-op.

We are working on a short promo video about The Mustard Seed, and our sourcing team continues to connect with local producers through a questionnaire that looks not only at what they make or grow, but how their values align with those of The Mustard Seed. The Location Team has tirelessly searched every lead from members, whispers on the street, MLX listings, and leads from our realtors as we try to find the right home for the Co-op…we’ll keep you posted when we find a space!

One thing we know is that our co-op is resilient, this has been proven over and over again by our volunteers and members through this time of joy and heartache. This is in part due to our shared values, trust, co-operation, and our strong Hamilton community. Thank you!

We have organized a couple great events, and they are coming up fast. Please come to one if you are able and bring a friend!

Ramping Up! Potluck & Garden Party


Monday, May 20  6pm – 9pm  (Victoria Day) @ the Hill Street Community Garden | We’re going to mix this month’s All Action Team meeting up with a celebration of all of our wonderful volunteers!! Come for a potluck at 6pm followed by a brief update from our action teams starting around 7pm. After that we will watch a few short films about local food pioneers in Ontario. Please RSVP on Facebook or email. We will have tasty things for the BBQ sourced from our future suppliers. Please bring a side dish to share along with a plate & cutlery.

Coffee Tasting Party

Saturday, May 25 10am – noon | We need to figure out what coffee roasters & blends to sell at the Co-op. In the name of “research,” the sourcing team is planning a coffee-tasting event. The event is open to all members (or nearly-members) and will be held at Hamilton Central Library in the Wentworth Room. Come and taste blends from different local roasters before heading over to the Farmer’s Market!  The cost for the coffee tasting is $3, which will allow you to sample a spectrum of coffees and vote for your favourites. Homemade goodies will also be available after you are done tasting – this is a good opportunity for you to connect with other Mustard Seedlings as well.  Please rsvp by May 23rd (either via Facebook or email) so we know how many pots of coffee to brew!


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