This Co-op was made with many hands


The Mustard Seed is getting closer and closer to opening, and it would not have been possible without our 200+ member-volunteers. In just 3 months we have transformed 460 York Blvd into what will shortly be Hamilton’s only co-operative grocery store. There is no way that the store could have the same creativity, vibrancy, and “we-made-it” quality without our passionate team of willing workers. The store definitely has a je ne sais quoi that is uniquely Hamilton. We call the style “rural chic” for our terroir grocery store.

Through our Saturday Work Bees, after work sessions, and the ‘restful’ Christmas holidays we made tremendous progress. We were reminded of the 4th Principle of Co-operatives (Autonomy and Independence) by our members’ commitment to making The Mustard Seed their own. See the slideshow below for a glimpse into our labours as we demoed, cleaned, shifted, scrapped, cut, planed, scrubbed, lifted, pushed, pulled, rolled, mopped, scraped, stained, painted, caulked, drilled, screwed, washed, nailed, mudded, sanded, hung, installed, moved, sanitized, assembled, and cleaned some more! A HUGE thank you to our many volunteers for making this store your own. Thank you!!

Volunteering will always be a part of what makes our co-op strong. If you’ve been thinking about coming out, we will be especially busy in the coming weeks stocking shelves & getting ready for opening day. Email Richard to let him know you are interested.

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