Big steps ahead


Come out for a Big Announcement this Friday!

The Mustard Seed Co-op is all about cultivating a sustainable, local food system.  We will have a big announcement this Friday, March 14 at 10am at The Mustard Seed about how we can better build producer-consumer relationships. Come to the Co-op to hear the big news in person, or stay tuned to hear more about this after the event.

AGM – Save the Date

Mark your calendars for the Mustard Seed’s first Annual General Meeting (AGM) set for the evening of Wednesday, April 16th, 2014. The details of where, when, and an agenda will be sent in the upcoming weeks. At our first AGM we will celebrate the opening of Hamilton’s only food co-operative, share how our co-op is doing financially, and elect new board members along with other business. Co-ops are democratically controlled, so attending the AGM is one of the best ways for our members to have a voice in how our store functions. Please plan on coming out to learn more about The Mustard Seed and show your support!

Only members can participate by voting at The Mustard Seed AGM, so join the Co-op before the meeting if you have been waiting. Remember to bring your member card and passport to get a stamp from our first AGM. Read our Articles of Incorporation and  Bylaws.

Board Nominations

One of the important things that we do at every Annual General Meeting is elect members to serve as our Board of Directors. This is a very important role, as our Board’s responsibility is to ensure that the needs and vision of our members are being met, including fiscal responsibility and upholding our Co-op’s values. You can read more about the roles & responsibilities of the Board here.

We are looking for two positive, hard-working, and committed individuals preferably with some board-level experience and a passion for local food and co-operation. We are specifically interested in candidates with the following skills and experience to build on our current strengths:

  1. Financial Management
  2. Producer OR Retail Grocery Experience

We will be filling two new Board positions and the five hardworking members of our current Board will also be standing for another term. Positions are open to all members of The Mustard Seed over 18 years of age.

If you are interested in putting your name forward for the Board, please email your resume, a cover letter, and a photo of yourself* (optional) by noon on Sunday, April 6, 2014 (note new date) to The Mustard Seed Board Nominations Committee at You can also request a copy of our business plan by writing to this email. We’ll see you on April 16th!

It’s been 6 1/2 weeks since our winter soft launch and we are all eager for Spring and the start of the growing season! Be sure to come out to the Co-op if you haven’t been in lately to check out all our new local products. We will keep the chalkboard by the front door up to date so you can see what new local foods to look out for on your next visit.

*note: a photo submission is optional. The co-op’s intention is to publish photos along with Board candidate profiles prior to voting at the AGM for member information. A photo helps our members put a face to your name. The Mustard Seed encourages nominations from qualified candidates that reflect the diverse populations of Hamilton, Ontario.

Great news! We have organic seeds in the store from Hawthorne Farm (Palmerston) and Urban harvest (Toronto). Also, save teh date for Saturday, May 17th when we will have a Spring Seedling Sale with several of our co-op's local growers. Try planting a garden this year!

Great news! We have organic seeds in the store from Hawthorn Farm (Palmerston) and Urban harvest (Toronto). Also, save the date for Saturday, May 17th when we will have a Spring Seedling Sale with several of our co-op’s local growers. Try planting a garden this year!

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