Presenting: The Mustard Seed Kitchen!

It’s here! It’s finally here! We’ve got our in-store kitchen up and running, with the all proper gadgets and gizmos needed to bake pies, pickle beets, ferment cabbage, and pursue whatever other kitchen adventures might be up the collective Mustard Seed sleeve. KitchenSo we’ve got two questions for you:


Maybe there is something you’ve always wanted to do: can your own tomatoes, make your own cheese, or ferment some amazing kombucha! There are an unlimited number of skills present in our community, but we want to focus on the ones that capture your interest! Comment on this post, or on Facebook, with some of the things you’re excited to learn about. You can also email your ideas to We’ll gather that info, look for themes, and develop workshops based on your interests!


This kitchen is a collective effort, where we hope learning, sharing, and growing will take place. As a grocery store that values community, we recognize that there are many voices, talents, gifts, and passions within our member and customer base, and we want to expand and highlight those as best we can. If you have a skill you’d like to share in a workshop setting, or know someone who does, please fill out this form, so it can be submitted to the Mustard Seed Kitchen Action Team. Here’s the link to the form: Lastly, we’re looking for a handful of people to join the Mustard Seed Kitchen Action Team. If all this talk of workshops and skill-sharing gives you excitement deep in your bones, and you have 2-3 hours a week to lend a hand, please let us know! We’re looking for some help with organizing, scheduling, feedback, followup, and other administrative tasks like that. You can email, or comment on Facebook, to let us know of your interest. Please spread the word about all this, and as we gather more information, workshops will be announced on our website and Facebook page – stay tuned!

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