Local Bounty Bags!


Have you tried one of our Local Bounty Bags? These bags will be available each Wednesday, and will be filled to the brim with a colourful variety of fresh and local produce items! Let us make shopping local even easier for you, and perhaps you can expand your horizons with local food at the same time!

Next Bounty Bag Order Deadline: Monday, Mar 30th (12:00 noon)

Pickup Date: Wednesday, Apr 1st

Order Form Link: http://bit.ly/1Mymq0C
(next order form will be available on Friday, Apr 3rd)

Also, please note:

We’ve changed things around in the Bundle Bag according to the feedback we’ve received from customers. Check out the list below, and add it on to your Bounty Bag order for only $28.99!

As the days get colder, it becomes harder to find variety within local produce. While these bags will continue to have a local focus, we will be incorporating a few imported items (so you don’t end up going home with bag full of root vegetables!). Our desire is that the bags remain interesting and exciting, while still focusing on local. You will see things like avocado and grapefruit on the list this week, so please know that when we bring in items like these (that can’t be local), the next priority is that they are organic. Let us know if you have any questions about this – we’re happy to dig into it more as a community that supports local!

Lastly, due to a few variables, we cannot guarantee every item listed below. While we will do our absolute best to make sure the items promoted are included, there may occasionally be substitutions. When necessary, we’ll include a different item of equal value, or additional amounts of something already listed. Thanks in advance for your understanding!

Included this week:

Small Bag ($19.99; feeds 1-2 people): Green Kale, Red Chard, 1 Beefsteak Tomato (Ontario), 2 LB Red Fingerling Potatoes(Ontario), 3 lb Yellow Potatoes (Ontario), English Cucumber (Ontario), 2 LB Carrots(Ontario), 2 LB Red Beets (Ontario), Hydroponic Boston Lettuce (Ontario), 2 LB Yellow Onion (Ontario), 4 Apples (Ontario), 1 LB Clementines, Avocado

Large Bag ($34.99, feeds 3-4 people) Kind Organics Salad Mix(Ontario), 3 Beefsteak Tomatoes (Ontario), Green Kale, Red Chard, Red Pepper(Ontario),  2 lb Red Fingerling Potatoes (Ontario), 8 oz White Mushrooms (Ontario), 1 LB Parsnips(Ontario), 3 LB Yellow Potatoes (Ontario), 2 LB Carrots(Ontario), 2 LB Red Beets, 2 LB Yellow Onion (Ontario) English Cucumber (Ontario), 6 Apples (Ontario), Mango, 3 Grapefruit, 1 LB Clementines, 2 Avocado

(If you have any allergies or dietary needs, we’re happy to make 1-2 substitutions per bag.)

Included in this week’s Bundle Bag: 1 Loaf Stone Milling Bakery Whole Wheat Organic Rye, Bag of Oak Run English Muffins, 1L Eby Milk (or 1.89 L Almond Milk), 1/2 dozen local eggs, 200 g local coffee or 60G Loose Leaf Tea, 1L Mustard Seed soup, 1L Mustard Seed stew – a total value of $40.00! Add it to your Small or Large Bounty Bag for $28.99.

(No substitutions in the Bundle Bag)

The offerings for each bag will be different each week, so check out this page or follow us on Facebook, and we’ll aim to let you know what’s included each week.


Place your order by Monday at noon, and pop in the following Wednesday to pick up your Local Bounty Bag, packed neatly inside one of our signature tote bags! There is a $5 charge for the Mustard Seed tote bag (we’ve heard many people say these are the best grocery bags they’ve ever used!), but if you’d like to avoid that cost, you can bring your own Mustard Seed bag and do a swap, or we can provide a box, if that’s easiest. (You’ll be asked to choose between box and bag on the order form.)


How to Order: At the top of this post, you’ll find a link to the most recent Local Bounty Bag order form! Easy peasy!

JPEG_20140910_175831_2091383025 (1)

Lastly, if you’re on Instagram or Twitter, feel free to use the hashtag #localbountybag to show us how you’re using your produce items! With all the variety you’ll receive in these bags, the options are truly endless, and sharing what you create can inspire others with new and exciting ways to incorporate local food into their daily meals!


10 thoughts on “Local Bounty Bags!

    • Hi Leslie, we have them every week. They are available to order Thursday – Sunday, and pick-up is on Wednesdays. We will definitely have a Christmas bag! Feel free to email info@mustardseed.coop for more information.

  1. With the soups/stews are these vegetarian, or are there choices we can make? Are these packaged before pickup or do we choose when we pick up the bag? Neat idea, we’d love to give it a try but would like a bit of clarification. Thanks!

    • You can indicate on your order form that you’d like vegetarian soups and stews, and we can arrange that. You may want to double check before you leave the store, as we distribute many bags every Wednesday, but as long as you indicate it when ordering, this is totally do-able!

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