Local Food Forum

Join us for a great conversation about local food!

Cropped (for E-newsletter)Join us for an evening of informative discussion as we learn about some of the complex issues regarding local food in Ontario. With the participation of some of our Mustard Seed suppliers, we’ll hear questions answered and stories shared in an honest and open discussion. Click “attending” and stay updated on the Local Food Forum on Facebook!

Forum Panelists


Marty Strub

Owner + Operator of Marty’s Pickles – Hamilton, Ontario

Marty has been making pickles his whole life, and brings the process back to the basics. Using only Ontario-grown produce and ingredients, his pickles are brined in small barrel batches and hand-packed. Marty says that his products will always be small-scale, handmade, and local. Come to the food forum to hear Marty share about the joys and challenges of basing your business around those values, and what that looks like in the context of small-scale distribution.

tim barry 2

Tim Barrie

Owner + Operator of Barrie’s Asparagus – Cambridge, Ontario

Tim is a fourth-generation farmer at the Cedardale Farm, where he and his wife Libby have raised their four children. The asparagus grown on their farm is developed into a variety of products, one of those being a co-op favourite: Barrie’s Asparagus Chips! These products, along with many other local items, are available year round in their County Market (located inside the century home on their property). Tim brings a lifetime of farming heritage to the table, and can also speak to the challenge of navigating thresholds – a tricky aspect for producers who are not quite small but not quite big.


Russ Ohrt

Owner + Operator of Backyard Harvest – Hamilton, Ontario

Many people would consider anything grown in Ontario to be local, but Russ brings ‘local’ to a whole new level, taking his extensive farming experience and adapting it to the big city. He calls it “urban agriculture”, and has many farms growing in backyards across Hamilton. Russ’ perspective will allow us to see how accepting Hamiltonians are regarding the practice of growing their own food, as well as great insight into the “affordability equation” and the true cost of growing local produce.


Damian Wills

Sourcing Manager at The Mustard Seed – Hamilton, Ontario

Damian’s role at the Mustard Seed acts like a bridge between the co-op and the amazing farmers and producers we partner with! In his daily conversations with our producers, he has come to know the real challenges they face, and works to make The Mustard Seed a place where relationships are honest, supportive, and through which suppliers are being treated fairly. Damian brings his experience, expertise, and passion to the Food Forum, and is full of stories of success and challenge when it comes to sourcing and shopping local.


This is your chance – ask away!

While there will be an opportunity to ask questions at the event, it would be so helpful to know what you’re curious about beforehand. If there’s something you’ve wanted to ask a farmer or producer; if there’s something you aren’t understanding about the food system; if there are just things you’re curious about; if there are stories you’d like to hear – please let us know! Send an email to info@mustardseed.coop and let us know what you’d like to talk about on November 19th. Hope to see you there!

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