Introducing the $20/week campaign


At our recent AGM we shared highlights from our first year in business.  One of the most exciting things is that we’re very close to financial sustainability.  So we issued a challenge: make the Co-op your first stop for local, wholesome food so that we can achieve our vision of a vibrant local food system.

If every member spends just $20/week at The Mustard Seed, we will reach financial sustainability.

We know it can be difficult to change habits like where we get groceries, but many members have already made the Co-op their primary grocer.  Would you join them?

Start with buying just $20 in food each week at your Co-op. $20 a week can get you a good selection of local, wholesome foods. Need proof? Check out the image below to see four different suggestions on what you can get for $20.

It’s your store, so please support us. Make the Co-op your go-to source for local, wholesome foods. Come in regularly to find the best products from our region’s producers, many you’ll only find at the Co-op. You may be surprised just how affordable our grocery staples are!


Think you’re up for the challenge? Or maybe you’re one of our shoppers that has already been spending way over $20/week? Click on the button below to show your support.

JOIN THE $20/WEEK CHALLENGE! (click here)

Local Bounty Boxes

We launched the Local Bounty Box last fall, and it has become tremendously popular.  Starting at just $19.99, you get a full week’s fresh fruits and vegetables – most from Ontario even in winter!  The LBB gives you great value, convenience, and variety.  You can order it each week, so there’s no long-term commitment.  It’s the perfect way to enjoy fresh local produce and support your Co-op at the same time.  So if you haven’t yet, give the Local Bounty Box a try this week.


We’re Hiring!

We are adding capacity to our hardworking staff team with a new job posting:

  • Retail Sales Clerk with Produce Focus – Part Time

If you know someone who loves local food and vibrant community, and has skills in the produce department, please send them to our website:  This posting closes next Friday, March 27th.

Engage Your Co-op through Volunteering

Our Co-op was built by volunteers, and these opportunities continue. We’ve launched a new Volunteer Program with a pilot phase for the first six months of 2015.  Volunteers are trained in store operations such as stocking shelves, receiving inventory, and packing Local Bounty Boxes. These volunteers are offered regular, scheduled shifts to match their availability (which could be once a month, once a week, etc.). For every ten hours in-store, volunteers receive a 20% discount voucher for use at The Mustard Seed! Check the website for more information.  The next volunteer training is Monday, March 23rd.


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