A New Way To Pay

Credit Card Sign WEB

The Mustard Seed Co-op now accepts credit cards! Over the past months we’ve heard from our members that they would like the option of using credit cards at the Co-op. As we are member-owned, we took these requests seriously and researched the best payment options. It turns out that the major credit card companies have recently altered their fee structure for small businesses. Visa and Mastercard payments now cost roughly 2%, instead of the 3-4% rates offered when we opened the store.

Which payment option is best for the Co-op? The best payment option for the Co-op is still debit card. We pay a small transaction fee rather than a percentage of purchase value, and the administrative costs are very low. So if you are at the check-out and deciding how to pay, thanks for choosing debit whenever you can!

Thanks for buying your groceries at the Co-op. Every purchase you make – regardless of how you pay – helps support our local economy and grow The Mustard Seed into Hamilton’s best place to get local, wholesome food.

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