Feel good about giving with the New Arrivals Pantry Box…

Feel Good

Hamilton welcomes newcomers! 

The Government of Canada is working with Canadians to welcome 25,000 Syrian refugees during the largest global refugee crisis since World War II. Hundreds of these families, as well as many families from other crisis areas, are arriving (and have already arrived!) in Hamilton, and our caring community is stepping in to support in amazing ways!

Here at The Mustard Seed, we believe everyone should have access to wholesome food, and we are thrilled to now offer an opportunity for our customers to lend a hand. Effective immediately, customers will be able to donate towards a New Arrivals Pantry Box when they check out, and boxes will be distributed through our community partners at the Immigrants Working Centre and their ’20 for 20′ program. You can donate in any increment, and can even use your Co-op credits to contribute!

This box contains many of the items needed for cooking essential meals. Staples like rice, beans, sauces, spices, jams, and bread, along with bulk items like bulgar and honey (and much more), will be much appreciated by any family finding their footing in Hamilton. The box is valued at $100, but customers can contribute any amount they’d like towards one, and we’ll distribute them as these cooperative contributions allow!

New Arrivals Box

Already involved in sponsoring a family? You’re welcome to purchase a ‘New Arrivals Pantry Box’ outright, and deliver it yourself! You can even add to or customize the box as you’d like. Simply email info@mustardseed.coop, and we’ll get you all set up.

Read more about Hamilton’s involvement with newcomers at the following links:
Hamilton Welcomes Newcomers

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