Co-op Makeover!

The Co-op underwent a big makeover last night, with staff and members working together to re-align our store. You will love these changes: when you step through the door, it is like entering Ontario’s garden.

Here’s what we did, and why:
1. We are responding to feedback from our members about the products they love – this store layout gives us the ability to keep more of those products in stock.
2. The bigger produce area gives us more room to stock local produce. And easier for customers to see.
3. We’ve put products together that make sense – check out our new coffee section with the coffees and the grinder together.
4. The store is more accessible when you come in – especially for our customers with walkers, wheelchairs or strollers.
5. We now have a grab and go cooler with better merchandising for local, healthy prepared meals, salads, and local cheeses.

Stop by to check it out and say hi!