Field Trip: Mountainoak (Gouda) Cheese

mountainoak.jpgWe had the opportunity to visit one of our cheese suppliers last weekend in New Hamburg, ON – about a 50 minute drive northwest of Hamilton, just past Cambridge. Mountainoak Cheese was started five years ago by Hannie & Adam Van Bergeijk. They purchased the farm in 1996 after immigrating from Holland an now have 200 Holstein cows that are milked every day to make their delicious farmstead Gouda cheese. Since launching their cheese dairy five years ago they have won more than 35 cheese awards!

IMG_7830.JPGTheir creamery is located right on the farm where they make a 4000L batch 2-3 times per week. The most popular cheese is called GOLD (Good Old Local Dairy) but the different flavours are also a big hit. Flavours are added as the last step and include Friesen (cumin & cloves), nettle, truffle, and our favourite (for obvious reasons): mustard seed!


A peek inside the Mountain Oak Cheese Creamery

Most of their cheeses are aged for 2 months to create a mild Gouda, but some are aged much longer – for up to 3 years.


Mountainoak has a special guest

The farm had a very special visitor last year when Rick Mercer stopped by for a segment of his show….

What did Rick do when he visited the creamery…click the link above to see!

You can buy Mountainoak any day of the week at the Co-op, or go to the farm for a visit & tour

While just outside of Oxford County, Mountainoak is part of the Oxford County Cheese Trail. Check out these various local dairies the next time you are in the mood for a nice rural Ontario daytrip – the trail also includes some of our other producers such as Gunn’s Hill Artisan Cheese in Woodstock. Mountainoak also gives tours some Mondays & Fridays.  Please call ahead to find out which days are available so they can book you in!


The Van Bergeijk were not in at the time of our visit, but new cheesemaker Rachel did a great job explaining all about the cheesemaking process at the farm.

Be sure to pick up a wedge the next time you are at the Co-op!


Our favourite cheese!