Pro Tip: How to reach the Co-op coming East along York Blvd (towards downtown)


We often hear: “I didn’t know I could get to your store when I come in from Burlington or north bound on Dundurn St.!!” It’s true, you can easily find us no matter which direction you’re headed!! There is a left turning lane along side the median on York shortly after the east bound lights at Dundurn St which makes it look like you’re going to land in Dundurn Castle, but the tiny street called Rolph Gate leads the way to Inchbury!

Rolph Gate? Yes it’s a great trick when you want to pop into the Co-op and are headed east, towards downtown Hamilton. The little access street crosses York Blvd towards the park, then the road turns right into Kinnell, a cute, historic treed street. Turn right again on Inchbury and left into the Co-op parking lot, and you’re there. Easy peasy!

Next time you are headed east along York Blvd, be sure to pop into the Co-op and check out our new Cafe offerings. You won’t be disappointed!



Headed to the Co-op from York Blvd. to Rolf Gate, Kinnell St., and Inchbury.

**Who was Mr. Rolph, and what is the deal with the gate? According to this article in Urbanicity:

Before there was democracy in Ontario, a radical activist (living in what is now Dundas Park) named John Rolph wanted to extend the vote and civil rights. He was hated by the local elite. Railway tycoon Alan MacNab was his worst enemy. One night, MacNab and some thugs broke into Rolph’s house, covered him with tar and feathers, then chased him out of the area. They illegally seized Rolph’s property. The gates to Rolph’s Dundas home – made of fine grey stone, topped with a pair of large, decorative balls – were moved to MacNab’s house, Dundurn Castle.

So the next time you are on your way to The Mustard Seed, remember to salute the gate of John Rolph who stood up for democracy back in another era. And then be a radical for our time and use your food dollars to support real democracy in action at your local Co-op.

Read more about the gate at Historical Hamilton.


Photographer: Paul Dolanjski