Local Bounty Box News!


Hi Local Bounty Box supporters!

It’s time for a change! As of September the Local Bounty Box Program will be using a one week pre-order system.This will greatly help reduce waste by allowing us to bring in exactly what we need. We hope that these new changes will improve our Local Bounty Box program for all parties, and give us the ability to offer some new Local Bounty Box options in the future.

Reminder that there will be no Local Bounty Box August 26th – September 1st. If you have already paid for a box that you would have received during this week your payment will be refunded.

As of Wednesday August 21st all current Local Bounty Box subscriptions will be suspended. This is to ensure all orders will be placed within the new schedule (see below).


Wednesday – Partial Contents List will be released
Thursday to Sunday – Pick-up/Order for next week

Example of Ordering During August/September:



*Please note you must subscribe during the Thursday – Sunday window the week before you would like to receive your first Local Bounty Box*

  1. Go to https://mustardseed.coop/local-bounty-box-subscriptions/
  2. Choose your subscription type
  3. Follow the instructions to set up your PayPal subscription

*Please note you must pre-order during the Thursday – Sunday window the week before you would like to receive your Local Bounty Box*

To order with PayPal:

  1. Go to https://mustardseed.coop/localbountybox/ 
  2. Choose the size of Local Bounty Box you would like to order
  3. Click on the corresponding link under “How to Pre-Order”
  4. Follow the instructions to pay using PayPal

To order with Local Line:
*You can order groceries and even choose to have your box delivered using Local Line*

  1. Go to https://www.localline.ca/mustard-seed-coop-1
  2. Click on the Local Bounty Box Tab
  3. Choose the size and quantity of Local Bounty Box(es) you would like to order
  4. Click checkout and proceed according to the instructions provided

If you have any questions regarding the changes to the Local Bounty Box program please email our Local Bounty Box Coordinator at localbountybox@gmail.com. Thank you for your continued support of the Local Bounty Box Program.

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Mairen Clow
Local Bounty Box Coordinator