Social Distancing @ the Co+op

We thank our customers for graciously working with us by observing the new entrance (beside the outdoor cafe), 5 customer in store limit and other social distancing measures to collectively protect the health and safety of our community.

These health and safety measures are supported by good grocery etiquette:

  • Please shop for your household with only one member in the store.  This allows us to comply with the Ontario government requirements and support our customers to get their groceries safely.  The sole exception will be a parent with a small child.

  • Be considerate and courteous to other customers and staff when in the store – respect the social distancing requirements.

  • Shop for only what you need so other members can do the same.

  • Respect our premises and the safety of our staff both inside and outside the store by disposing of latex gloves safely in the garbage rather than in the parking lot.