About Us


Mission Statement

The Mustard Seed sprouted from a deep-rooted love for Hamilton, a passion for food, and a strong desire to see essential food needs met in our downtown community. Our mission is:

To provide the community with a member-owned and operated grocery store that offers a bountiful selection of wholesome foods, prioritizes local producers, and creates an educational environment that nurtures the relationship between people and the food they eat.

Hamilton is surrounded by lush farmland and hundreds of food producers, but most local foods are tough to find in your conventional grocery store. You miss out on most of the fresh, delicious food grown right here in the Hamilton area.

The Mustard Seed Co-op is a full service grocery store where anything that can be local, will be local. For the first time, you’ll be able to connect with the region’s best local farmers and food suppliers, all in one place.

Missed the farmer’s market? The Mustard Seed will be open all week – and all year – long. Get local, healthy and affordable food, whenever it’s easiest for you to shop.

You can make informed choices about the food you buy with the help of our detailed labels. Whether it’s food miles, food sensitivities, or other preferences, products have been selected to reflect the things you care about.

Even though you don’t have to be an owner to shop at the Co-op, becoming an owner means you’ll enjoy a variety of benefits. These include discounts and the ability to vote on decisions that affect the store.

The Mustard Seed sprouted from a deep-rooted love for Hamilton. Inspired by those who are working to make this a great place to live, and also by successful food co-ops world wide, the goal is to have a positive impact on our local economy, our community, our health, and our environment.

Together with a motivated group of farmers, producers, and owners, you have an exceptional opportunity to cultivate a stronger local and sustainable food system. 

Want to get local, wholesome, affordable food at The Mustard Seed? Visit us at 460 York Boulevard and become an owner now.