Why it matters

Our goal is to open a community-owned grocery store that offers a bountiful selection of wholesome foods, prioritizes local producers, and creates an educational environment which nurtures the relationship between people and the food they eat.

What’s motivating our drive to create The Mustard Seed in downtown Hamilton?

It’s good for our health:  Eating wholesome food directly benefits our overall health and wellness. And by prioritizing local food we support producers that can harvest or process food at its peak freshness, retaining nutrients and flavour otherwise lost in transit.  Local producers are also subject to local regulations over which we have a higher level of influence, which means increased accountability for production practices and food safety.  By prioritizing local and wholesome food, we will make it easier for people in Hamilton to eat well.

It’s good for the environment:  Food traveling fewer kilometres lowers our ecological footprint, and by working to avoid food waste and encouraging creative delivery options we’ll also do what’s right for the environment. Prioritizing producers that have strong ethical, social, and environmental practices can help foster a positive culture around food in our region.

It’s good for the local economy:  By structuring ourselves as a cooperative we ensure that members of our community own the store, rather than distant shareholders.  Also, buying local keeps shopping dollars within our community, creating a multiplier effect; it helps sustain independent farmers, processors, and distributors – our neighbours who in turn sustain our regional economic vitality, creating new jobs for Hamiltonians.

It’s good for our community:  Co-ops are based on principles including social responsibility and caring for others.  By creating partnerships with existing organizations and building education and volunteer opportunities we’ll help strengthen our community. And we’ll be able to shop in a beautiful place where we can connect with our neighbours and meet the farmers who grow our food!

Help shape The Mustard Seed by letting us know why the creation of a grocery co-op matters to you!

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