Investing in your community

Do you want to impact your community through your financial investments?  Help build the Co-op by contributing capital through a member loan.

We are now offering members a promissory note loan option in order to capitalize the business. The Mustard Seed will accept loans between $1,000 and $200,000 with a four-year term. Interest rates are calculated at 2.0% for year 1* and 4.0% for years 2- 4.

Please join us in building a more sustainable local food system. Make a social investment in your community today and watch it grow!

Email us today to discuss your investment options and click here to read more Frequently Asked Questions about investing in the Co-op.

Benefits and Details of Investment Loans:

  • Community– The Mustard Seed is an investment with real value which will provide returns far beyond your accumulated interest. When you invest in The Mustard Seed, you are investing in people who live in this community; people who are working to strengthen our economy and local food system, while contributing to Hamilton’s vibrant character.
  • Multiplier– Earn more than a typical savings account or GIC and experience the tangible impact of your investment firsthand by shopping in the store you own.
  • Democracy & Equity – You must be a member of The Mustard Seed in order to invest in the Co-op.  This means that you take joint responsibility with other members in democratically guiding management decisions.  Promissory note investments are an additional way for you to support our shared business, using your resources towards forging an equitable business based on our shared values.

* Note: Promissory notes begin bearing interest on June 1, 2013 or the date of the note.