Local Bounty Box Subscriptions

co+op logoA regular diet of wholesome locally sourced food has proven to be beneficial to individual health and the well-being of community economies. Why not get in the habit of having a regular supply of fresh, local produce in your kitchen?

Our small Local Bounty Box can be yours for the affordable price of $24.99 every week or every two weeks (bi-weekly) for a bountiful portion of goodness that feeds 1-2 people.

The large Local Bounty Box (meant for 3-4 people) is $39.99 /box, and also available as a regular weekly or bi-weekly order. (ON PAUSE DURING COVID-19)

Click through the links below to set up your standing order! You’ll need to set up a Pay-pal account if you don’t already have one. You will receive a confirmation of payment from PayPal, that is your receipt and confirmation that you have placed your order for an LBB.  If you have any issues or questions, please email localbountybox@gmail.com.

*Please note: You need to start your subscription one week in advance. The order window is Thursday through to Sunday (you have until midnight). You can then pick up your Local Bounty Box the following Thursday through Sunday.