Local Bounty Box

Local Bounty Boxes are a great way to get the freshest seasonal produce for your household each week. You simply pre-order by Monday for pick-up the following Wednesday or Friday. Local Bounty Boxes are filled with a variety of fresh produce, with a particular focus on enjoying the best of what is available from our region in each season.

What’s in the Bounty Box? The Local Bounty Box prioritizes local produce. As availability, prices, and quality constantly fluctuate, at times we round out the contents with imported produce. When we do so, we prioritize organic and Fair Trade products to maximize the quality. Each week, you can expect a variety of greens, fruits, root vegetables, other items – the ingredients for your favorite menus and sometimes a few surprises. We bring you the first and best of each season, celebrating the variety and flavors as they’re available.

We have recently tweaked our ordering process to maximize the value in each Bounty Box.  Each week the contents will change based on produce availability, but every week will contain 10-15 items (depending on box size) suitable for a varied menu. We promise that Local Bounty Boxes will always prioritize: quality, variety, value, and local seasonality – the pillars our Co-op is built on.

Local meets Affordable: We want to keep fresh produce affordable as global economic factors put pressure on food prices.  We’re working hard to connect with and support local producers, which helps moderate the effects of currency changes and other factors. The Local Bounty Box is one of the best ways to get a variety of fresh produce at a stable price – for $19.99 (1-2 people) or $34.99 (3-4 people), your household can keep produce part of your diet each week.  And as warmer weather arrives, you can count on us bring you the first signs of Spring!

How to Order:

Please click the colourful links below, and you’ll be directed to Paypal. With this prepayment system, you guarantee that your box is ready for you on the designated pick-up date, and it allows us to pack just the right number of boxes each week.

Next Order Deadline: Monday August 21st (at midnight)

Next Pickup Date: Wednesday August 23rd or Friday August 25th.

Small Bounty Box (feeds 1-2), $19.99:

Click to order a SMALL Local Bounty Box for  | WEDNESDAY

Click to order a SMALL Local Bounty Box for | FRIDAY 

Large Bounty Box (feeds 3-4), $34.99:

Click to order a LARGE Local Bounty Box for | WEDNESDAY 

Click to order a LARGE Local Bounty Box for | FRIDAY 

*The order links above are always live, and orders can be placed at any time. Any order placed before Monday at midnight will be available for pick-ups on Wednesday and Friday of the same week. Orders placed after midnight on Monday will apply to the following week.

Recent Sample Lists – here’s a peek at what’s been included in our Small ($19.99) and Large ($34.99) Boxes recently:


All of the delicious, fresh produce comes in sturdy cardboard box. In an effort to conserve waste, we’d love if you could bring this box back so we can reuse it in the future. Lastly, substitutions can be made in the case of dietary or allergy concern.

Want to sign up for a standing order? You can sign up to automatically order a box every week, or every other week. Head over to our SUBSCRIPTIONS page to get set up!

If you’ve got any questions, please email localbountybox@gmail.com.

Share the love! If you’re on Instagram or Twitter, feel free to use the hashtag #localbountybox to show us how you’re using your produce items! With all the variety you’ll receive in these bags, the options are truly endless, and sharing what you create can inspire others with new and exciting ways to incorporate local food into their daily meals!



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35 thoughts on “Local Bounty Box

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  2. This is a great deal and so easy for a busy life. I loved being able to arrive and pick it up and go, no need to make decisions. I also appreciated being able to substitute milk for a cauliflower. The pre-made food in the bundle is delicious, I’ve enjoyed new soups and the black bean and sausage chili was flavourful and really different. Thank you.

  3. I really enjoyed the bounty box and the add on. It was so easy and convenient. It also forced us to try some new vegetable that I probably couldn’t have named before.

  4. Any chance the list of veggies could be left on the website even if they are sold out, that way those that have ordered one can meal plan before we get our box that week?

      • We have started to include the list in our pick up reminder emails if the produce has been confirmed, sometimes there are adjustments or variations within each box depending on what is available from the farmers we work with. I hope this helps!

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  6. Just tried our first Bounty Box and was thrilled. The variety, convenience and quality meant I just ordered a second Bounty Box for next week. I love being forced to try new vegetables and the Bounty Box gives enough of the familiar as well as the untried. Our family will definitely be eating better, and with variety!

    • Hi Julie,

      At this time we do not deliver local bounty boxes but they are available for pick up on Wednesday and Fridays.

      Thank you!

    • Hi Natasa,

      We do not have a list in advance of all the items in the bounty box but each week it includes both fruit and vegetables with a focus on quality, variety and local produce. Each week in an email, we highlight the local items that week.


      • It would be very helpful to have a list of what is included. In the past I have had a problem not getting everything that was to be included and the only way I knew this, was that there was a list available of what was to be included. As well, another member mentioned it is helpful to know in advance so that we can do menu planning.

      • We have started to include the list in our pick up reminder emails if the produce has been confirmed, sometimes there are adjustments or variations within each box depending on what is available from the farmers we work with. I hope this helps!

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  8. Good morning Mustard Seed .. Just seen your blip on chch ….we grow popping corn in Norfolk county ..organic and conventional …five different colours ..can you send me the persons name that buys that kind of product for you …you can find out more about us at www. Ontario popping corn .com.

  9. We’ve enjoyed getting LBB in the past and would like to continue to order in the future. Usually we get an e-mail on Mondays which includes the list of produce included within that week’s box, but today, the e-mail does not include this information! It’s hard to know whether or not we want to order the box when we don’t know what’s included! Could this information please be included in future e-mails re: the LBB?

    • Hi Albina,

      Thank you for your comment. If we have the list of items we do include it in the email on Monday’s. If you do not see it in your email, it is also posted Facebook. I hope this helps :).


  10. Hi! I ordered through Facebook but didn’t have to add any personal info so I don’t have any confirmation other than my pay pal receipt. Is this sufficient? And what time can I pick up (Friday).

    Thank you!!

    • Hello Ashley, Your order for the small bounty box for Friday pick up came through. You can pick up anytime time Friday during our operating hours 9am-8pm.

      • Thank you so much for your reply! 🙂

        Another question. I am vegan. My spouse does consume meat but neither of us eat dairy. I think the small box is just veggies anyway but just in case can I request no dairy or eggs in mine?

  11. We really love the bounty box. It is affordable and we get to try new things every week. We’ve been doing this for about a month and a half now and we’ll keep going for a while. However, the past few weeks, a few things have been moldy/not good. I.e., mangos that were over ripe/almost rotten — my thumb went right through one when I picked it up from the box, the moment we got home. We’ve also had blueberries & strawberries that had mold over them — visibly, on the top, and very wilted kale. I emailed the Mustard Seed & got no response. I just think the bounty boxes should be checked before handing them out. We drive about 20 minutes to get to the Mustard Seed, so there’s no point in going all the way back to switch it out at that point. We do a quick surface check when we get it, but sometimes the moldy stuff is covered by everything else. Plus, it’s not our job to check it. We shouldn’t have to check for mould — we should assume it’s mold free. We really want to keep up with the bounty box, but if moldy produce keeps going out, we’ll have to stop purchasing it.

  12. Hi there! when picking up a box that ive orderd, what kind of id, or proof do i need? just my name? or do i need to produce the paypal reciept?

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