Members are at the heart of The Mustard Seed Co+op.

When you buy a membership, you become a ‘member-owner’. As a member-owner, you have access to:

  • 2% owner savings on all items*
  • Additional weekly sales items for owners only*
  • Access to owner bulk ordering privileges and discounts*
  • Discounts at co+op workshops & events*
  • Voting rights in Board of Director elections (one vote per owner-household)
  • Opportunity to be involved in the leadership and structure of your store
  • Ability to utilize our online ordering system for pick up or delivery

* = benefits of ‘active’ members only

A $100 share is your household’s initial investment in the Co+op, and membership is a one-time commitment. In subsequent years, “active” membership renewal for a household is $50 annually in order to maintain the benefits of membership in addition to voting rights.

You don’t have to be a member-owner to shop at the Co+op, but being a member means that you enjoy all of the benefits above. Plus, you help to cultivate a stronger local and more sustainable food system.

Do you want to have a positive impact on your local economy, your community, your health, and your environment, AND get your grocery shopping done, all at the same time? Join hundreds of other households who have already come together to support local food in Hamilton.

Click below to become a member of the Mustard Seed!

Still have questions? See Membership FAQs.