Bushel & Peck Pre-orders

Introducing the ‘Bushel and a Peck’ program! Help support our local economy by buying fresh seasonal produce in larger quantities for preserving or enjoying with family & friends! The Bushel and a Peck program is a great way to get seasonal produce without driving out to the farm – instead our local farms come to the Co-op.

Simply submit your order before the closing date, and pick up on the days indicated.

How to Order:

  1. Go to https://www.localline.ca/mustard-seed-coop-1 
  2. Select Bushel and a Peck
  3. Proceed through ordering process for desired local produce.

Please note: You will not be contacted to come pick-up your order. It is your responsibility to come during the pick-up window provided. Orders will be available for pickup at our curb side table located near the loading dock. Please text the Co+op mobile (905-961-2659) when you arrive, let us know the name the order was placed under and we will then put your order on the curb side table for you to retrieve. We ask that you DO NOT park in the loading dock area for safety and to allow proper use for our suppliers to deliver. Please park in a parking lot spot and text us.



One last bushel and Peck for the year!

We are offering a 1/2 bushel of apple seconds for sauce, apple pie in a jar or just a lot of baked goods!

The apples are coming from Pie in the Sky Orchard in Wainfleet, Ontario.  They combine growing high quality apples together with sustainable farming practices, and they are a low spray orchard. Currently, they are about 60/40% organic and looking to grow more.

For more information, check out their website:


A half Bushel of apples is $11.99. The apples will be a  mix of Gala, Cortland and McIntosh apples.

Ordering closes: November 20th 2020
Pick Up starts: November 26th 2020




*** If you are set on a certain variety, please indicate this in your order form. If no indication is made, you will receive whichever is in stock.*****

Our LOCAL paste tomatoes come from the lovely Clark’s at Scotscraig Farms (San Marzano Tomatoes) in Ancaster, as well as Richardson’s Farm (Roma Tomatoes and Primo Red Tomatoes) in Dunnville.

We are offering a 1/2 bushel (approx. 20lbs) for $37.99.

Our ORGANIC tomatoes are coming from our friends at Pfenning’s Organic Farm in Baden, Ontario.

They are 1/2 bushels (approx. 25lbs) for $54.99

The ordering window is short , as the season is finicky this year.

Order Deadline: Tuesday, September 1, 2020 at midnight

Pick up Begins: Friday September 4, 2020

2 thoughts on “Bushel & Peck Pre-orders

  1. I work in a group home in hamilton for your age 13 to 17. The house I’m in house u boys who love fruit and eat non stop. We are looking to purchase large quantities at reasonable cost or even if fruit is close to expiration as they devour quickly. Please advise pricing.

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