11040mr.jpegMembers of The Mustard Seed Co-op are OWNERS, and with ownership comes the responsibility to help build our common goal of a sustainable local food business. We are asking all our members to consider renewing your membership on a voluntary basis. Each voluntary renewal will support the Co-op financially and build cash in our bank accounts to manage our cash flow.  Voluntary membership renewal, together with regularly shopping the Co-op, are the two things that will move us to where we need to be financially.

Consider this a donation, and a renewal of your commitment to building a community-owned business & vibrant local food system. We have created three options for you to consider:

  1. $100 Annual membership fee renewal; or
  2. $25 Monthly membership fee renewal; or
  3. Pledge to shop at the Co-op on a more regular basis (if you are not able to renew your membership fee)

Click on the top two links above and you will be taken to paypal, where you can set up an automatic deposit using your credit card. If you would prefer to pay in person at the Co-op, you can do so at the checkout as well. Alternatively, you can also sign up on line or in the store to pledge to shop at the Co-op more regularly (#3). All three are voluntary options which will make a massive difference in making our shared business more sustainable.

Note: membership renewal is entirely voluntary, and you can stop your renewal subscription via paypal at any time.

The Mustard Seed opened its doors in 2014 with 1,200 members, which provided $120,000 in start-up capital.  We now have over 2,700 members, but we need each members’ engagement to meet the business realities of tight margins and cash-flows in the grocery business. Your staff and Board team strongly believe this is a path to financial sustainability for our Co-op. 

We know our members love the Co-op and our membership has more than doubled since our doors opened.  Our Co-op sells $2.1M in groceries each year.  We support 230 local producers and farmers.  We sell local products and we know that our food comes from many of our friends and neighbours.  We are a Co-op because we believe we can do more together than we could on our own.  But we present you with this challenge: we need you to shop, renew, support. 

We will be presenting this challenge in more detail at our upcoming AGM.  In the meantime, thanks for taking the time to read this member bulletin, and for your support.  If we work together, we can successfully ‘Beet the System!