Interested Suppliers

The Mustard Seed Co-op is a full service grocery store where anything that can be local, will be local. For the first time, customers are able to connect with the region’s best local farmers and food suppliers, all in one place.

We welcome Producers, Suppliers, or owners to fill out the form below.  We are looking for products in all grocery categories that meet the sourcing priorities of our owners. Note that our staff meet to review new potential suppliers, and will get back to you when there is a space and interest for your product.  We appreciate your patience.

Below are the criteria we use when choosing products or suppliers for our store:

1. Local producers and manufacturers
2. Affordable Options
3. Wholesome and non-toxic ingredients
4. Ecologically responsible practices
5. Socially responsible producers
6. Environmentally responsible packaging
7. Ethical animal practices
8. Small-scale and innovative trials
9. Alternative dietary options

With these characteristics in mind, please send us information for our database of suppliers and sources.