This WINTER HOLIDAY we have several options for you to pre order with a $25 deposit. This has been a heck of a year and this holiday will look very different. We wanted to ensure we had some options to suit your needs and not have to worry about a whole turkey ! Please see below for several options of local meat including a VEGAN veggie pot pie option, we do have limited numbers available so do not hesitate to get your pre order in as soon as possible. Our pre order window is Dec 1-11th. PICK UP FOR MEAT ONLY OPTIONS STARTS DEC 19TH.

Antibiotic Free, Fresh Turkey Breast from our friends at Fenwood Farm. One order of Turkey Breast is 1 piece of approximately 1lb turkey breast. $12.41/lb.

1/2 Smoked Ham Roasts from our pals at Growing Broke Farm. $8.99/lb Ham Roast. Ham Roasts are typically 3-4 lbs.

French Cut Loin Roasts from Growing Broke Farm. $9.25/lb Ham Roast. Loin Roasts are typically 3-4 lbs.

Whole Muscovy Hens come in from Beamsville Muscovy Ducks care of World Meats. Whole Muscovy Hens are about 4 – 5 lbs each and are $6.15/lb.

Rock Cornish Hens from Giguere Farm in Quebec via La Ferme. Cornish Hens are $6.99 /lb and each bird is approximately .75lb. 1 order of Cornish Hen is one bird.

VEGAN OPTIONS:– 10” Veggie Pot Pie from the wonderful Luscious D’s Bakery.

Kelly from Luscious D’s is willing to make some comfort food – a good old pot pie sans the meat and dairy! 

We are offering a 10 inch Veggie Pot Pie for $25.99. ******Pick up is after 2pm on Dec 23rd********

STUFFED TOFURKY ROAST – A savoury blend of wheat and tofu, the Roast is filled with a flavourful wild rice and bread crumb stuffing, ready to be basted, roasted, carved and devoured by the whole posse. 737G for $18.99

You can find any of these fabulous options on our online ordering platform, Local Line under either “Festive Meats or Vegan Holiday” www.localline.ca/mustard-seed-coop-1

Thank you so much for choosing to support local this holiday season, we appreciate it very much and wish you the very best of a Healthy Holiday Hamilton!