Teams & Committees

Since our development phase, The Mustard Seed has been organized and grown through action teams. Now that we have staff to run the day to day operations, these teams have modified to support our staff team. In addition, there are two board-led committees. All committee and team work is done on a volunteer basis except for staff involvement. A summary of these teams and committees are below.

Board Committees

Board Resources Committee: Chair plus three Board members – current chair Mary Lou Tanner. Responsible for board recruitment, orientation, training, evaluation, and for submitting relevant reports/policy suggestions to the full Board.

Finance Committee: Treasurer, bookkeeper, plus 3-4 members at large – current chair Erin Pratt. Meets monthly prior to the Board meeting. Goal: to provide financial oversight to the Co-op. The team reviews monthly financial information from the bookkeeper, reviews this information based on the budget and other key performance indicators, and prepares a monthly Finance Report to the board. This committee will engage auditors for the Co-op and review the annual audit before it goes to the full Board. Facilities Team Terms of Reference.


Community Engagement Team: Chair plus 3-4 members with community engagement expertise – current chair Maureen Wilson. To provide community networking & outreach around issues of common interest and shared values (health, environment, local economy, & community).

Education Team: Chair plus 3-4 members with education expertise – current chair Emma Cubitt. Primarily responsible for Co-op workshop scheduling and organization. Also responsible for curating the book selection for sale at the co-op and coordinating with the marketing team for food and Co-op educational events, in-store resources, and educational marketing assets. Propose Education Policy recommendations to the full Board. Education Team Terms of Reference.

Facilities Team: Chair plus 3-4 members with hands on or facilities expertise – current chair Dan Douma. Helps address the routine maintenance of our physical building in support of store operations.

Human Resources Team: Chair plus 3-4 members with HR expertise – current chair Stacey Allen Cillis (staff). Assisting management team with recruitment (job descriptions, postings, resume review and interviews), HR manual review, HR issues, Staff evaluations, and HR policy recommendations for the full Board.