Local Free-range Turkey Orders




This holiday we have a very limited amount of Fresh Turkeys available to us.  We have 35 fresh birds and 25 frozen birds.  This as always is a first come first served on size of bird available.  Fresh turkeys are approximately 13-16 lbs.

Christmas is just around the corner which means we’re dreaming of cozy dinners with friends and family, oven-roasted turkey, delicious cranberry sauce, pie, and the inevitable food coma that follows immediately after!

Scotch Line Turkey Co. are providing us again with this year’s fresh free-range turkeys. Located in Elmira area, Colin and AmyBeth Brubacher and their three girls love farming. As part of their direct turkey sales, the Brubachers supply both whole fresh birds for holiday seasons – around Thanksgiving , Christmas and Easter – as well as value-added products like ground meat and sausages. The turkeys have non GMO feed, are free range, antibiotic free, and super fresh.

The Mustard Seed’s sourcing priorities guide the products we stock. “Ethical Animal Practices” is one of our core values because we know that consuming meat involves an animal giving its life to feed us. We therefore have a responsibility to know the conditions that animal experienced. You can read more about the family here.

Fresh Turkeys are priced at $3.89/lb.  Frozen Turkeys are priced at $3.29/lb. The fresh turkeys will be available on December 21st at the Co-op,  beginning in the afternoon. Frozen turkeys are available now.  Be sure to place your deposit soon to that you are guaranteed to have a fresh turkey waiting for you! These turkeys are naturally raised, so the size ranges are estimates and we can’t guarantee the weight of the turkeys that we’ll receive. Come early for pickup to have the best selection of sizes to choose from.

How to Order:

If you’d like to order, please pay your $20 deposit. If you’d prefer to do this in-store, drop by any time between now and the deadline to place your order and pay your deposit. When you come to pick up your bird, you can choose from the available weights and pay the remainder of the balance.

Order deadline is December 19. Pickup begins after noon on Friday, December 21st.

Let’s make your holiday dinner more wholesome and delicious this year with quality, ethically-raised turkey!