Thanksgiving Free Range Local Turkey Pre-Orders


To Pre-order your turkey and place a $20 deposit, go to:

Are you planning a Thanksgiving get-together with friends, family, or neighbours? The Ross family’s free-range turkeys are your best option for your local holiday feast. Located in Wellington County (north of Waterloo), Buck Ross and his family have been farming for four generations. They’re the only commercial producers in Ontario allowed to grow fully free-range turkeys. Their turkeys enjoy fresh air, direct sunlight, large outdoor yards, fresh water, and all-natural locally-grown feed.

The Mustard Seed’s sourcing priorities guide the products we stock. “Ethical Animal Practices” is one of our core values because we know that consuming meat involves an animal giving its life to feed us. We therefore have a responsibility to know the conditions that animal experienced. We recently visited the Buck Ross at his farm – read about it and check out our photos here.

These turkeys will range from 14-25 lb, and are priced at $3.99/lb. Be sure to place your order soon!  These turkeys are naturally raised, so the size ranges are estimates and we can’t guarantee the weight of the turkeys that we’ll receive. We will aim to match your preferred size, but we can’t guarantee specific size availability, so come early for pickup to have the best selection to choose from.

The turkeys will be delivered fresh (tentatively October 7th) for your celebrations that weekend.  They’ll stay fresh through October 11th, and can also be frozen for later use.

How to Order:

If you’d like to order, please pay your $20 deposit and select your desired size to secure your turkey. If you’d prefer to do this in-store, drop by any time between now and the deadline to place your order and pay your deposit.

Let’s make Thanksgiving dinner more wholesome and delicious this year with quality, ethically-raised turkey!

To Pre-order your turkey and place a $20 deposit, go to: