Volunteer to help us flourish!

The Mustard Seed is a co+operative business owned by our members and every member is important to our success. Throughout the co+op’s development, hundreds of members have been active volunteers, and this continues. Many members ask how they can help with the day-to-day store operations- we have a Volunteer Program, that you can join by contacting volunteermustardseed@gmail.com.

Volunteers will be trained to assist with tasks such as stocking shelves, and packing Local Bounty Bags. These volunteers could be offered regular, scheduled shifts to match their availability (which could be once a month, once a week, etc.). For every ten hours contributed, volunteers will receive a 20% discount voucher for use at The Mustard Seed!

Volunteers are vital to growing the co+op – they add capacity to help our staff handle the increasing business while keeping operational costs in check. This helps keep prices affordable while also giving volunteers an opportunity to support their local food system, learn about local products, and receive significant savings on their purchases.

If you are interested in regularly volunteering, please email Kate or Sonja at Volunteer and come out to one of our quarterly Volunteer Orientation Sessions.

Volunteer Sign Ups

Volunteer roles include:

We have experienced amazing successes with our volunteers for long and short-term commitments, including:

  • Stocking shelves
  • Cleaning the store
  • Wrapping / cutting fish
  • Filing paperwork
  • Picking up inventory around and outside of the GTA
  • Packing Holiday Bags 
  • Delivering Cafe postcards to surrounding neighbourhoods (5000 postcards delivered to a number of neighbourhoods!)
  • Helping with Mustard Seed events in and out of store
  • Mustard Seed ambassador– Help us welcome the members and customers to the Co+op or be a part of our growing Social Media presence with sharing, liking and commenting on our posts or tagging us in your own posts.
  • Help pack Local Bounty Boxes every Wednesday  
  • Help Clean the Store – Whenever is convenient for you – this may include dusting shelves, sweeping/mopping, cleaning windows, washrooms, and maintaining our outdoor spaces…just general tidiness.
  • Contact volunteer with any questions

Once you have been oriented to our volunteer program, you can sign up to volunteer for the following roles at The Mustard Seed. Each of these roles are vital to helping us run and maintain a well-functioning store. Click on the links below to see what spots are available, and to sign up. You will receive a reply email with further communication from our co-Co+ordinators, Kate and Sonja.

We’d like to sincerely thank and send virtual love to each and every volunteer who has dedicated their time to supporting the Co+op (this year and previously); to encourage current volunteers to continue donating their much-appreciated hours.

For current volunteers – our Volunteer Tip Sheet.

We LOVE our volunteers, THANK YOU!!!