Mustard Seed Workshop Guide for Potential Instructors


Mustard Seed workshops are a great way to share food-related skills with your community. These skills help create greater sustainability and resilience, and are also a lot of fun. There are a variety of different skills that are taught at workshops: from basic cooking skills to home preserving, cheese making to making soaps, how to use herbs to fermentation. We deeply appreciate the instructors who have helped make these workshops possible, without you we would not be able to offer this food education!

Instructors do not need to be experts in the field, just possess a skill that you would like to share which is related to our Co-op’s core values (local food, community, health, or local economy). We currently do not have any grants or other funding for workshops, so workshops need to be financially self-sustaining -typically we do this through a graduated fee structure. Tickets are sold online and at the store and promoted on social media. Workshops can take place in our licensed co-op kitchen, outdoors at the Co-op, or occasionally off-site. You can read about past workshops at the Co-op here.

Interested in leading a workshop? Take a look at the step by step guide below and if you are still interested, please email the Education Team at and we will follow up.

Step by Step Guide for Workshop Instructors

  1. Once you reach out to the team, a volunteer from the Mustard Seed Education Team will contact you to set a date and time for the workshop. Workshops are usually on Sunday afternoons or Monday/Thursday evenings, but there can be exceptions.
  2. We will send you an Information Gathering Form & Instructor Agreement to get more details on how you are planning to run the workshop, what tools you will need, whether you will take the honorarium, a brief bio of yourself, etc. We request that this form be completed at least 3 weeks ahead of the workshop date so that we have adequate time to promote the event.
  3. Instructors can receive a $50 honorarium for leading the workshop. An additional food budget (up to $50) is available for food purchased at The Mustard Seed for the workshop. We ask that you keep your receipts and invoice the co-op after your event by sending a digital copy of your invoice and receipts to your Education Team representative. You will be sent a cheque – please allow one month for reimbursement.
  4. Our goal to offer the most affordable workshops possible for The Mustard Seed community. Workshops are typically priced as follows:
    1. One hour workshop = $30 members/$35 non-members
    2. Two hour workshop = $40 members/$45 non-members
    3. Three hour workshop = $50 members/$55 non-members
    4. Alternative cost structures may apply, based on an increased food budget or if take-home supplies are provided for participants with the workshop cost, etc.
  5. We will set up an online ticket page via Eventbrite and promote the workshop through social media. Please help promote your workshop through your networks!
  6. Prior to the date, we will let you know the total number of participants registered for the workshop. Indoor Co-op kitchen workshops are typically capped at 10 people, outdoor or off-site workshops can have greater attendance. If the workshop sells out fast and we think it is likely that we can sell out another workshop, we may ask you to replicate the same workshop a few days later so more can attend – but this is entirely up to you.
  7. Please bring along copies of any printed materials that you would like to hand out – recipes, instructions, etc.
  8. On the day of your workshop, please arrive 45 minutes ahead of time. The Education Team representative will meet you and help get everything set up and will support you as needed throughout the workshop. You will be introduced by the Education Team representative. They will also make sure participants have the required paperwork such as waivers and feedback forms. They will also take photos to share after the workshop on social media.
  9. The Mustard Seed is about building community & we love it when instructors return for multiple years – so please let us know after your workshop if you would like to come back. We appreciate all our instructors and hope you enjoy being able to share your knowledge with our community!